EPIC Retail Transformation

Maxis launched their first new high-tech concept store at Gardens in April 2019. This was followed by the second concept store at Sunway Pyramid.With this upgrades of Maxis retail centres, an effective methodology to create a higher level of unmatched customer experience was needed.


The EPIC model was designed by Dr Sashee as a customer centric model that helps Maxis Crew engage all segment of customers to deliver personalised customer experience with the unique solutions available at the new hig-tech centres. EPIC moves away from a traditional sales/service approach to delivering a wholesome customer ‘lifestyle shopping’ experience and solutions in retail.


The word EPIC itself means ‘intense’ or ‘grand’ therefore relating to an impactful, memorable and immersive experience for customers when interacting with Maxis Crew, products and the overall new inviting Retail setup. The EPIC model was developed with key 'Emotional Engagement' action steps that enhances the relationship and customer journey throughout the service interaction with a Maxis Crew.


A total of 50 retail staff were trained on this EPIC model including retail managers. A TTT program was done with Maxis internal trainers to eventually role out this EPIC culture throughout all other retail outlets within Maxis. This new concept of retail selling is now incalculcated as part of the Retail sales and service culture in Maxis.

Emotional Intelligence Leadership & Effective Sales Force Management


A group of 15 Regional Directors (RDs) at CIMB Bank went through a leadership development plan that focused on firstly enhancing their emotional intelligence and then followed by a Sales Management skills development. The RDs were also coached and guided in their journey of self improvement with scheduled review sessions with Dr Sashee.


As part of their continuous growth, the RDs were certified as Trainers to conduct the Sales Force management program with all Branch Managers nationwide. This process enables them to engage at a deeper level in the planning and strategizing of business growth with their branch managers.


The whole experience also enhanced the the leadership capabilities of RDs as they successfully improved the people relationship skills and managed to bring out the best from their respective branch manager teams.

We would be happy to share more details on how these organizations saw results from Dr Sashee's training and consultancy support. Let us know your needs and interest.