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About Dr Sashee


I really love my work! I have been helping people in the learning and development field for the past 25 years. It gives me me a great sense of accomplishment in all the different interactions and exchanges I have had with my participants and clients. That's what has been driving me to continue contributing, growing and making a difference in this field.


My actions are driven by this 3 principles:

Focus on PEOPLE

I recognize the critical role that individual’s play in the successful implementation of business strategies. I therefore make it a priority to develop the people in our clients' organizations at all levels.



First and foremost, I value the achievement of our clients' and individual goals. I am a "doer" with a strong focus on realization. I feel a deep responsibility for my work and I want to be known for results, not for excuses.



Live with PASSION

I always strive to keep my energetic spirit, full of freshness, excitement and drive. I love what I do and I want my enthusiasm to be contagious.


Learning development is a key issue in the forthcoming years for all companies seeking to secure a long term future. Well planned training activities is important but is only one of the several components in an effective learning development programme. I believe in the following building blocks to success: Analysis - Training - Implementation














Through this building block methodology, I have successfully helped organizations improve their results areas. The success lies in both the client and us working as partners to make that significant difference in the learning of each individual.


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